joobster ist ein professionelles Do-It-Yourself Videomarketing- und Verteilungssystem. Nehmen Sie mit joobster action Ihre Videos auf ohne selbst sich um den Videoschnitt kümmern zu müssen. Verteilen Sie die Videos in kürzester Zeit! In 7 Minuten aufnehmen, in 15 Minuten bereits online!

videjoo als Ihre werbefreie Videoplattform

joobster Videoverwaltungstool, um Ihre Videos direkt per Mail zu versenden, herunterzuladen uvm.

Do you want to know more on how to create professional videos within minutes as layman?

The joobster video-philosophy

record – manage – share!

Like in a picture book: recording, save time and money and enjoy full control even as absolute beginner.

  • joobster action
  • 99 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    create professional videos yourself

    unlimited recording options

    no annoying cut necessary

    save time through templates

    recording without internet connection

  • joobster admin (optional)
  • 49.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    web administration / interface (click here)

    manage videos

    training module

    reporting module with charts

    survey module

    storyboard module

    mass video module

    sending videos by mail with predefined templates

  • joobster viewer (optional)
  • 2.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    app for viewing videos with extra information in directories

    access via registration or creation of codes

    training and learning experience

    requirement: joobster admin / joobster action

  • joobster portal (optional)
  • 19.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    your own video portal (click here)

    publish videos directly via joobster action – app

    assign videos to categories

    search function

    requirement: joobster action

  • joobster survey (optional)
  • 19.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    create video based surveys

    mail delivery, notification, QR-code, link

    instant graphical evaluation via charts

    requirement: joobster admin / joobster action

  • joobster mystory (optional)
  • 9.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    create digital storyboards with time indiactor

    working in team on a single storyboard over web

    show overall time length of video

    generate video template from storyboard

    define logo, music and colors as preparation

    requirement: joobster admin / joobster action

  • joobster micro (optional)
  • 19.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    define questions/answers of videos

    verify knowledge via points collection system

    graphical evaluation via charts

    requirement: joobster admin / joobster action

  • joobster myspace (optional)
  • 19.90 /m
  • Buy product in our 12M subscription

    store video sequences, music, images and fonts in your personal cloud

    team-ready quick access to your existing materials

    share videos and all content at the push of a button

  • joobster trainee(optional)
  • 1190 /tag
  • Buy product as one-time payment

    on-site video training or via video conference ( click here )

    bideo know-how from over 15 years of professional video production experience

    film theorie

    does and dont’s

    Handling with software / equipment

    implementation of a video shoot

    target: your own production of a video

    requirement: no

joobster action

the video tool

Easily create your professional video by taking single shots and produce stunning professional videos. Add, delete or adjust clip lengths at any time within a few clicks.

Change an already shared video in a few seconds to use it for a different audience.

joobster-action-apple-appstore      joobster-action-google-playstore

joobster action – your first time?

This is how to create your first professional video!

joobster portal

your personal

ad-free video portal

Use the possibility of your own video portal, your own video platform, a website that presents your videos in categorized form. All you have to do is to publish the video via the joobster action – APP and assign it to its category!

joobster administration tool


View your videos at any time. Distribute them by email in the form of newsletters , download them, or produce some screencasts and much more.

the joobster system

Your videos in your customer’s inbox within 20 minutes!

With joobster action, the video portal (example: portal.joobster.at, as well as the administration tool (web-based user interface) from joobster, video marketing is child’s play!

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sales and marketing

sales and development

joobster video-based business solution

Everything you need to let your company live video!



Let us know your concern or talk to us about the distribution of videos. Our system is ready for immediate use and ranges from videos in the media reporting environment to training videos with answering questions and various integrations.

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